Enterprise Risk Management Masterclass

An enduring lesson from most case studies is that there is a dire need for Risk Management professionals to take the discipline beyond a “box-ticking compliance-based exercise” and evolve it into a culture that is deeply rooted in the mind and behavior of all employees. This approach ensures that every person in the organization becomes a risk manager and therefore effectively contributes to the overall management of critical risks affecting the business.

This course has been carefully developed taking into account the vital lessons learnt from historical Case Studies and is based on a comprehensive and integrated framework that ensures that participants are equipped to address all and every aspect of Risk Management at their Institutions and its environment. This approach by default addresses the Risk Management objectives of different various stakeholders within the institution.

This course is delivered through a blended learning approach, where online content is interspersed with a flipped classroom learning made up of reflective and experiential facilitated sessions. These sessions are conducted either virtually or in-person depending on client’s needs. The course is expected to take one month with roughly 3 spaced out classroom sessions that bring together discussions around the already-consumed online content.

Objectives of the course

The goal of the ERM Masterclass course is to empower participants with practical skills to identify, assess, treat and manage the portfolio of significant risks that impede their organizations from achieving their strategic objectives. The course reinforces the strategic importance of risk and helps participants to create a top-down, enterprise view of all the significant risks that might impact the strategic objectives of an enterprise.

Participants will:-

  1. Learn key concepts in Risk Management, including the relationship between uncertainty, risk, threat and opportunity as well as distinctions between ERM and Governance, Internal Audit, and specialized risk functions like BCM, Information Risk, Operational Risk.
  2. Understand how to use risk-based information for planning and decision making
  3. Identify, asses, and address Risks and Opportunities in a proactive manner, thereby optimizing value for their stakeholders
  4. Gain a holistic view of the full spectrum of risks throughout their organizations, and manage risks more effectively as an interrelated portfolio rather than as individual “silos”
  5. Learn from various case studies on the impact of poor Risk Management practices.

Target Audience

The ERM Masterclass course has been designed for busy managers and executives, and benefits a wide range of professionals working in diverse industries, including, but not limited to:

  • CEO’s
  • Board Directors
  • Risk Management Consultants and practitioners
  • Managers in Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Banking Professionals
  • Internal Auditors
  • Accountants and Finance Managers
  • Strategic Management Consultants and
  • Legal Professionals

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Enterprise Risk Management Masterclass