Training, Development and Coaching

Our menu of services are geared to offer a solution platform for our clients’ unique challenges.

Though as old as mankind, Risk Management has only gained heightened prominence and importance over the past couple of years and is increasingly recognized as an enduring and prudent way of managing business.

This realization has created a need to develop and deploy industry-specific programs that are practical and relevant while retaining an African perspective.

ARMA’s Open programs are inspired by this need and are delivered by individuals with a fine mix of both subject matter knowledge and sector experience coupled with international exposure to ensure relevance and practicality.

Below are our training programs:-

ARMA prides themselves in offering certification training in partnership with established certifying bodies globally. The certificates are a fine blend between industry-specific certifications and general certifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Like our Open programs above, our Certification programs are tailored to specific industry needs to ensure the existence of an adequate pool of certified professionals for effective industry interventions.

Currently, we have run certification programs in partnership with:

We are continually looking for opportunities to increase our pool of partners to ensure our clients have variety and choice

ARMA prides itself in offering an unrivalled breadth of short professional development programs to help individuals and organizations stay abreast with global developments.

Our team formulates leading-edge programs comprising:

  • Talented Practical Trainers hand-picked from our unparalleled resource of expert practitioners.
  • Real-life topical case studies, practice exercises and interactive discussion to equip you with practical tools which can be put to immediate effective use.
  • Up-to-date well-researched course documentation which draws on our vast experience.
  • Valuable networking opportunities in a concentrated but relaxed environment.
  • On-going training programs across Africa.

We are continually developing new training courses in response to our client’s request.

Like all our programs, these programs are offered to suit our clients convenience and may be offered online, in-situ or a blended of online and in-situ

Our current professional development courses include Governance and Risk, Compliance, Audit, Financial Analysis and Accounting, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, Leadership, and Trade and Supply Chain Finance.

Our in-house training programmes are tailored to suit the individual needs of our corporate clients. These programs are specially designed and developed to deliver customized risk management training on the back of a specific client need assessment.

They are delivered either at the client premises or a suitable venue of their choice. We combine the latest training techniques with relevant case studies (including client’s own case studies if available) to create innovative and engaging programs. Our bespoke courses assist our clients in implementing key strategic objectives of their business. Success is measured by improved performance at individual and corporate levels.

We also develop In-house training programmes into an internal certification programme for internal organizational performance evaluation. These are offered either through our robust e-learning platform (including use of online livestream and interactive media) or on location.

Our methodology for inhouse programs comprises of:

  • Clarifying strategic objectives and client needs
  • Defining, designing and building client-centric training solution through a consultative and participatory process
  •  Deliverying the solution by way of short lectures, group discussions, and practical case studies in small cohorts
  • Post-training evaluation to help the client measure the effectiveness of the training

Indicative savings on In-house compared to open training courses are onwards of 60%.

This delivery model still remains the preferred method of delivery for most clients on account of its ability to create a dynamic relationship, discussions and peer-to-peer learning, trainer-participant interaction, and ability for individuals to get personalized help.

Our face-to-face training programs are usually ran using a workshop model involving short lectures, group discussions, and practical case studies in small cohorts.

Our approach to training and capacity building is based on the adult learning methodology which respects the following key principles: –

  1. Focus on “real world” problems as opposed to abstract constructs.
  2. Emphasize how the learning can be applied.
  3. Relate the learning to the learners’ goals.
  4. Relate the materials to the learners’ past experiences.
  5. Allow debate and challenge of ideas.
  6. Listen to and respect the opinions of learners.
  7. Encourage learners to be resources to you and to each other.
  8. Treat learners like adults.
  9. Allow learners to “control”


We know the competing requirements on a modern professional’s time. Leveraging modern digital innovations, we endeavour to ensure that our clients always have the flexibility to take part in self-paced training sessions whenever they have time as long as they have a device with internet connection. Our e-learning programs are entirely online – module delivery, instructor guidance, exams and quizzes, work/assignment submission and feedback

We deliver both interactive and livestream versions to our clients with the former hosted through a video connection between all the participants while the latter consist of on-demand online materials that are not customized for each group of participants.

Most of our e-learning programs are short-term, tactical training courses that consist of practical how-to videos, interactive exercises, and training sessions that allow the participants to ask questions and contribute to the learning experience freely


Responding to the needs of our clients who have to balance between their busy schedules and their innate desire for classroom learning, our blended programs  seamlessly integrate the online learning with the in-class learning so that each supports, reinforces and enriches the other.

Through this delivery model which is ideally suited to certification courses we:

  • develop a study plan for the entire course
  • Sign up participants to the online module which has the entire course
  • Our platform capabilities allow students to form into a study group and interact with one another and with the assigned tutor
  • Using our innovative ‘drip capabilities, students access content sequentially and must undertake required quizzes before getting access to the next chapter/topic
  • At regular intervals (based on study plan), students hold a face-to-face session with tutor who facilitates discussions on content covered digitally and facilitates discussions on areas of difficulty
  • Typically a few weeks before the actual examination, students undertake a “Mock Exam” that mimics the final exam